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Claudio Marinaccio

Window Comic – Villarbasse

On The Rocks

We started this project a year ago.. and it is only getting worse, so we keep it going until …

We all are aware of the urgency of the situation and immediate action is required to turn the tide. But what can we do? To be able to solve the problem, everyone needs to participate.

The problem is immense and remains abstract to a lot of people. Eva Hilhorst, editor of Drawing the Times and Judith Vanistendael, graphic novelist, started a project in which they investigate how graphic storytelling can be used as a medium to convey the urgency of the situation. They believe graphic storytelling can be a powerful tool to translate the scientific facts into a narrative that reaches out to the reader and to make climate change tangible. In the coming months Drawing te Times will collect, produce and publish drawn stories about the climate crisis.

What do we see from our window that has a direct connection to climate change? The thirteenth view is from Claudio Marinaccio, who is trying to protect his precious car from nature’s revenge.

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