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Emma Ringelding

What if… Robots Are Indispensable?

English version

Developments in medical science, in technology and in artificial intelligence, have come to a point where there is no turning back. Soon there will be technological singularity and human intervention will be impossible. The parallels with Mary Shelley’s novel The Monster of Frankenstein are distressing: man created a monster that doesn’t know love, that he cannot control. Is it really that bad?

Drawing the Times made an educational program for students in the last two years of secondary school. Each story treats a different subject, that suits the profile of the study program. The educational program was commissioned by Stripdagen Haarlem, a comic festival in the Netherlands that takes place from 25 of May until June 3rd. The stories are also on display at 37pk, platform for the arts in Haarlem.

This is the introduction to the series What If…. made by Eva Hilhorst.


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