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Viivi Rintanen

The Worst Hangover Ever

A hangover can be a small and innocent pounding in one’s head. Or it can be a dark void that gets harder to climb out of every time.  This is a story about the most groundbreaking hangover in a guy’s life.

The Worst Hangover Ever is an episode of Comic about Madness -webcomic . The story was written and drawn by a Finnish comic artist & art educator Viivi Rintanen  and produced via her storyteller method. In this simple, inclusive method, readers send the creator stories of their real-life experiences of madness or mental illness. Rintanen scripts the stories with the storytellers and draws them into webcomics according to their wishes. The final comics are published in her Comics about Madness -blog (with English subtitles). Rintanen, her storytellers and the webcomic have a common goal: the blog’s aim is to reduce the stigma of madness, which is a severe social issue even in Finland. These webcomics work also as approachable peer support material and an educational aid for people working in the medical field.

If you have an important international story to tell, feel free to send an confidential email to Viivi at

The Worst Hangover Ever / Comics about Madness 2016

Idea: Järjetön Vallila

Script and art: Viivi Rintanen

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