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The Journey of Godfred

This is the story of Godfred, a young Ghanese man who crossed the Mediterranean sea as a minor while he had never learned how to swim. The story was made during the project Erasmus+ Youth project “Art as a tool for inclusion of young people” in Tornareccio, Italy and promoted by ARCI Chieti, in July 2023. It was illustrated by Dzaizku (France), Teodora Doncheva – Techwoo, Daniela Mandzarova, Aleksandra Ventova, Peter Chakarov (Bulgaria), Nikola Pejakovic, Nikola Pavkovic, Aleksandar Veljkovic (Serbia), Alessia Micoli (Italy), Jolan Rondal (Belgium) and Adrijana Razbijachica (Bosnia).

Instagram @dzaizku

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