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Eva Hilhorst

The Jessiah

How to stop populism

In 2017 it was time for government change in several European countries. Elections were organized in the Netherlands, France and Germany, in that order. People were holding their breath, expecting the populist parties to win. Then Jesse Klaver of the green party entered the political stage in the Netherlands, with a message of hope instead of fear. In the media there was a lot of controversy: why did he have to act like a popstar to get the message across? At the elections of March 15, the populist party of Geert Wilders did not become the largest party, the green party quadrupled their seats in parliament. After more than 208 days of negotiations, a government is formed. The green party is not in there. This story is about the history of politics in the Netherlands and about the role of Jesse Klaver in that light.

The story was made in collaboration with the Italian website on Graphic News, You can read it in Italian here.

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