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Aloys Oosterwijk

The Gbagbo Trial

As you can read in the eye witness report of Ivorian graphic journalist Roland Polman, The Last Days of the Crisis, Laurent Gbagbo refused to concede victory to the internationally recognised winner, Alassane Ouattara. This led to a civil war. In 2011 Gbagbo was transferred to The Hague, where he stands trial at the International Criminal Court, together with Charles Blé Goudé. They are accused of four counts of crimes against humanity: murder, rape, other inhumane acts or – in the alternative – attempted murder, and persecution, allegedly committed in the context of post-electoral violence in Ivory Coast between 16 December 2010 and 12 April 2011.

Aloys Oosterwijk is a courtroom sketcher. He was present at the second day of the trial, and made this remarkable reportage.

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