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Joris Bas Backer

The Amsterdamse Joffers

The Amsterdamse Joffers was a group of women artists who worked from the end of the 19th century well in to the 20th century in Amsterdam.  My documentary comic is a ‚herstory‘ investigating the world these women lived in and questions what the real legacy is they left behind.

I draw parallels to the work we do as a collective with Chicks on Comics and within that context I include personal thoughts about perspectives now and then.

The second part of the work is called „Nine Biographies“ and outlines the concise biography of the eight Amsterdamse Joffers and also that of Theresia „Sorella“ Ansingh, Lizzy Ansingh’s little sister who had a biography interestingly intertwined with that of the Joffers.

The comic was created for the Chicks on Comics exhibition „Long Distance Relationship“ in Fundacion PROA in Buenos Aires, Argentina. All of the Chicks on Comics artists produced works that focus on a different genre in the arts.

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