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Eva Hilhorst

Stories from the Arab World

Life after the Arab Spring

Last year we made a special about Human Rights, with a focus on refugees. It didn’t get any better for refugees since then. People are still fleeing the horrible war in Syria. Many people in Europe and the U.S. don’t see those refugees as victims of war but as potential terrorists, because they are muslims. They are different from us, so they could be dangerous. The election of Trump as president of the United States and the rise of populism made things worse. But do they even know what they are talking about when all they do is incite fear?

We wanted to make a special about the Arab world, because there is so much going on. The comics culture in the Arab world is very rich. As you could already see in our first special where we published the series In Search of a Subject by the Lebanese artist Mazen Kerbaj.

In this special we show some stories from Tunesia that were made for Correspondents, there are stories about Egypt, Bahrain, Lebanon, Lybia.