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Nino Bulling

Lesvos, November 2015

Borderspaces documentation collective

Many refugees arrive in Lesvos after a perilous journey at sea. What happens after they’ve set foot on land? This story is about the situation in the Moria Camp in November 2015. The situation hasn’t improved since, in fact the camp was once again turned into a closed detention center in March 2016.

The comic is based on text and visual material by the Borderspaces Documentation Collective. Composition and drawings are by Paula Bulling.

Borderspaces formed in 2015 in Copenhagen to document the development on the European borders through radio programmes, podcasts, articles and visuals.

The story was first published in German language in the international comic magazine Strapazin No. 122 “Abhauen, weggehen, Flucht“,  March 2016.

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