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Roland Polman

The Last Days of the Crisis

Three eyewitness accounts, a single story

Presidential elections were held in Ivory Coast in October 2010. The incumbent, Laurent Gbagbo, refused to concede victory to the internationally recognised winner, Alassane Ouattara.

This led to a civil war. International organizations reported numerous human-rights violations by both sides. After four months Mr Ouattara’s forces overran the south of the country, finally capturing Mr Gbagbo and declaring him deposed. In November 2011, Mr Gbagbo was transferred to The Hague to stand trial at the International Criminal Court on charges of crimes against humanity. On January 28 2016, the trial started.

Roland Polman lived in the capital Abidjan when the civil war broke out. In his comic, he let’s three eyewitnesses tell their story.


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