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Hector Sonon

Don’t You EEEEVVERR Do That To My Daughter!

Life of Amirath and Anifath

Don’t You Eeeeevveerr Do That To My Daughter is a story based on an interview that Glwadys Aguegue and Hilde Baele did with young Amirath, who was forced into marriage by her father when she was fourteen years old. You can read the full story here

In 2010 Glwadys Aguegue, Hermine Akponna and Hilde Baele started the NGO CàNous in Cotonou, Bénin. CàNous is active in the field of children’s rights, they want to give children and adolescents a voice. When children are able to share their experiences, they are no longer alone with their problem. The NGO gives information about children’s rights so the children can ‘arm’ themselves against abuse, rape and trafficking. They share their information with audiovisual media.