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Eva Hilhorst

Breathe: Reconnect, Respond and Reclaim.

Eva Hilhorst was invited to this year’s Comicdom Con in Athens, to host a series of workshops about comics and climate migration for young Greeks and refugees. For four days the participants were drawing comics. A lot of different stories emerged on the paper, all of them related to climate change somehow. Those stories also made clear that it is a privilege to be able to worry about climate change. Fridays For Future may not be top priority on Saturdays for some of the activists, but kids that are fleeing war cannot choose to take a break. What the stories also made clear was that drawing is a beautiful language to talk about experiences, fears and hopes.

The workshop was organised by Athens Comics Library and Comicdom Con, in the framework of the Climate of Change program funded by the EU DEAR (Development Education and Awareness Raising) programme.

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