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Bob Mollema

Bed, Bath and Death

‘In my project Bed, Bad en Dood (Bed, Bath and Death) I accuse the Dutch government for their refugee policy. I believe that we need to approach the refugees with more empathy because they will always be here. If we want to call ourselves a society we must acknowledge that not everyone has the same privileges as we do. We must receive them with a more opened heart. This can be difficult for certain people because they fear that there own culture will be torn apart by the entrance of a new culture. I want to show to the scared Dutch people that the (temporary) arrival of new cultures can be inspiring and can cause a vital society instead of one runner by fear.

If I want to make clear to the Dutch people that fear is not a good reaction I need to show them how it is to be a refugee. I created a fictive Dutch character called: Wijnbrand Axel de Haan. He symbolizes a modern Dutchman, but also someone who can fit in every layer of Dutch society. Axel Wijnbrand de Haan is an actor in the narrative of a refugee. This narrative I build up by many stories I heard from refugees during my research.

The form of my project is archive in which the viewer wil see the bureaucratic and human side of the proces. Via this way I want to show the contrasting worlds the refugee wanders through. Wijnbrand Axel de Haan flees the Netherlands because of a disaster which caused destruction of almost all of the dike belts in the Netherlands. He flees to a country called Miërs. In this country everything is totally different than in the Netherlands. Wijnbrand Axel de Haan now himself turns into a displaced person.’