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Victoria Lomasko

A Trip to Osh

Translated by James McGavran

A Trip to Osh is a preview of Victoria Lomasko’s coming book “The Last Soviet Artist” in which she will publish several reportages she made of trips to  former Soviet Republics (some of them are also published on Drawing the Times). Educated as an artist during the Soviet era, she uses the Soviet modernist style in the reportages, and calls her self ironically ‘The Last Soviet Artist”. Gradually her nostalgia for the Sovjet past faded away and she is now welcoming everything new. In the last years, before the corona crisis prevented her from travelling, she travelled many places in Europe and the United States where she exhibited her work and made large murals.

Osh is the second important city in the former Soviet republic of Kyrgystan. She observed how Kyrzyg and Uzbek people live together, despite the cultural differences.

You can read the whole story here