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Viivi Rintanen


I am Viivi Rintanen, a 27 years old comics artist, mental health & illness awareness speaker, illustrator and art educator from Helsinki, Finland.

I have three principles when it comes to making art:

1. My art is based on true life.

In my art I depict the things I know first hand. This is why I often describe my own life. I have been interested madness, misogyny and fitness enthusiasm.

2. My art has a goal or a purpose.

My art always deals with the important social issues. It’s often personal, sometimes touching and occasionally seasoned with black humor. I make comics as long as there are issues to rant about. For example, I will draw about madness as long as the word “crazy” is an insult. I speak and teach mental health & illness awareness passionately.

3. I’ll never stop practicing.
I can never be technically too skilled or visually too interesting.


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