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Rachelle Meyer

United States and The Netherlands
Rachelle is an American illustrator, artist, and writer living in the Netherlands. Her cartoons and comics have appeared in The New Yorker and The New York Times. Her artwork is distinctive in its expressive line, harmonious color palettes, sensitivity, and humor.  Her multimedia art project, Faces on the Ferry, marked her return to the world of fine arts and captured the attention of media outlets such as Het Parool, Flow Magazine, and The Guardian. She can usually be found either at her home, in her studio in Amsterdam Noord, or riding her bike between these two places. She loves to travel, read books, and draw people when they’re not looking. She’s currently developing a graphic novel called Wolf House Fables, represented by Jennifer Chevais at The Rights Factory (USA/Canada). Rachelle lives with one husband, one son, one oversized tomcat, and one wild rabbit.

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