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Michael Goodwin & Dan E. Burr

United States

"Michael Goodwin & Dan E. Burr make difficult stories more understandable."

Michael Goodwin is a freelance writer who has always loved comics and history. His interest in history led him to an interest in the economic forces that underlie much of history, and he eventually started reading up on economics. In his initial reading, Mike thought he caught glimpses of a story, a story nobody seemed to be telling. Mike told this story in Economix, a graphic history of the economy.

Dan E. Burr’s breakthrough project was his collaboration with author James Vance on the graphic novel Kings in Disguise and its sequel On the Ropes. Set during the Great Depression, Kings won several Eisner and Harvey awards and garnered praise from Time, the New York Times Book Review and the Comics Journal, among others.
Dan has illustrated historical pieces for DC Comics, Kitchen Sink Press and Eureka Productions’ Graphic Classics series.

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