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Lucie Lomová

Czech Republic

The Czech illustrator and comic author from Prague. Starting as a theatre critic and journalist she eventually found her scope in creating comics; except of these her portfolio also comprises children’s books and magazines illustrations. In the Czech Republic she is famous thanks to the well-known mouse couple „Anča and Pepík“. Their stories were published in children’s magazine „Čtyřlístek“, afterwards released as a 5-books collection. They also have provided the basis for an animated series Anča and Pepík produced by the Czech TV (2016, 2022).

Lomova’s work is known not only in her home country but also abroad. “Anna en cavale”, her first comic novel intended for adults, published in France in 2006 was awarded with the prestigious comics’ prize Muriel as the best original book. In another book of hers “Les Sauvages” (2011) she used the biographic story of A. V. Frič, the Czech botanist and ethnographer, who experiences encounter with Paraguay’s Indians during his overseas travels. Last but not least her adaptation of K. J. Erben’s The Greatest Czech Fairytales was translated and published into English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Japan and Chinese languages.

Then she came with another genre, comics’ detective story “Na odstřel” (Knock ´em dead ). She published short comics in many magazines, like Aargh!, Black, Stripburger or

Next to working on comics, Lomová has been teaching comics at Faculty of Art and Design in Pilsen for few years and cooperates regularly also with Czech TV web on games and popular interactive Advent calendars.

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