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Jiro Ghianni

The Netherlands

Jiro Ghianni (b. 1975) once a multi-media visual artist, graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy, has been a prominent transgender person since the 90’s of last century. Jiro initiated the TranScreen Amsterdam Transgender Filmfestival, worked on many LGBT-emancipation projects as a proper academic research-assistant but at the same time did naked performances in smokey queer squats. 

Jiro currently publishes a sex cruising guide for transmen and was part of the Zsa Zsa Zine collective. Jiro also presented at the legendary Queers and Comics conference in New York in 2015. He is now best known as the maker of The Bosoms: weird transman comics about his breasts escaping the hospital, and has been pretending to be working on his first graphic novel for many years now.

His work has appeared in VPRO magazine, ExpresZo, art exhibits, some paper books and online.




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