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Jip Brantjes

The Netherlands

I am Jip Brantjes (1994), a Dutch illustrator and animator. Ever since I could hold a pencil, I’ve wanted to draw. That is why I started studying Illustration at the HKU in 2013. This year I will be graduating, while working as a freelancer. I think it is very important to be versatile as an illustrator. That is why I took a marketing course before entering the HKU. And aspire to do a Master Education in Arts. What attracts me to graphic journalism is the opportunity to tell stories. To follow a lead and find out where it takes me. While meeting all sorts of people along the way. My inspiration comes from literature, philosophy, technology and my own experiences in daily life. If you ever happen to catch me without a sketchbook in my hands, I will be busy with music and writing.


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