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Gianluca Costantini


"My personal target is to denounce human-rights violations, and also to expose those people who wield power and take [sic] decisions"

Gianluca Costantini (1971) is an artist/activist. His last book, realized along with Elettra Stamboulis, is Pertini (Becco Giallo, 2015).

As a child Gianluca Costantini often drew images to detach himself from reality and create his own world. Without know it at the time, the famed Italian cartoonist and illustrator set himself off on a journey to bring global injustices to the fore, no matter the country, language, or struggle.

Gianluca Costantini captures world issues in his political cartoons, which seek to empower citizens by encouraging them to reuse the images and graphically represent their struggle to others. (@channeldraw)

He just published the book The Secret Life of Pasolini (BeccoGiallo)


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