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Farhad Foroutanian (Rad)

Iran and the Netherlands

Born in Tehran 1957. I studied in theater at Anahita Theater Academy in Iran in 1973 -74 and also in fine arts at Tehran Academy of Fine Arts in 1975-78. My professional career as an actor has been started in 1974 and as a visual artist in 1977. I immigrated to The Netherlands in 1986 and worked for various art and cultural organizations and publishers. In 1988 I founded theater group ACT in Rotterdam which produced many different plays. In 2014 I went back to Iran to found ‘Live theater school‘ which lasted 7 seasons until the time I decided to live the country in 2018 and resumed my work in the Netherlands. Since 1974 I have played in or directed many different stages and TV plays in Iran, Italy and in the Netherlands.

As a cartoonist and illustrator I work for many different Dutch and other European publishers, such as Rotterdams Dagblad, Vrij Nederland, Vice versa, Algemene Dagblad, IDFA, de Helling, Vluchtelingenwerk magazine, ICT care magazine, Stern (Gr), Nebespalter (sw), la Voce (It) and… My visual artworks have been showcased in about 75 solo and group exhibitions around the world.

I have received several awards such as:
The best painter – Italy 1997
The best editorial cartoon of BE-Ne international – 2007
The best editorial cartoon of Pers & Prent- The Nederlands- 2011

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