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Emmi Nieminen & Johanna Vehkoo


Emmi Nieminen (b. 1988) is a visual artist, illustrator and comics artist from Tampere, Finland. Since her debut in 2010 she has published 5 books and participated in several anthologies. She works with themes like miscommunication, cats, human interaction, food and imperfection of human life. Nieminen is currently working on a historical graphic novel together with the writer Jamie E. Rhodes.

Johanna Vehkoo is a journalist and author of non-fiction books. She is also founder of the award-winning journalism startup Long Play, a digital publisher of investigative long-form journalism, and president of the Feminist Think Tank Hattu. Vehkoo specialises in fact-checking and verification and writes a regular column about all kinds of fakery and asshattery on the internet.

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