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Ava Salzman

United States

This story was co-created by Ava Salzman, cartoonist and Harvard College student, and Andrea Crosta, the executive director of Earth League International. Ava, hailing from Los Angeles, is a rising sophomore at Harvard studying conservation biology, and has been creating comics professionally for the past five years, including a weekly strip in the Harvard Independent and independent graphic novels. Andrea has over 30 years of experience in conservation projects around the world and, in a parallel professional career, he has been working for over 17 years as an international consultant to companies and governmental agencies on high-end security technologies & services, homeland security, anti-piracy, investigations and risk management. He now applies this unique knowledge to conservation and wildlife protection, and has been instrumental in many successful investigative operations regarding environmental crime. He was also featured in the documentaries ‘The Ivory Game’ (Netflix) and ‘Sea of Shadows’ (NatGeo).

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