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Drawing the Times is a platform where committed graphic journalists and cartoonists worldwide publish work that informs, entertains, engages and challenges readers on global issues and local stories.

They can be background stories in comic form, reportages, live sketches, infographics, cartoons and more. With a diversity of perspectives and personal styles, Drawing the Times shows what graphic journalism can accomplish.

Drawing is a primary visual language, essential for communication and expression. In our globalizing world, we communicate more and more in a visual way. Children learn to read and write, but little attention is being paid to visual literacy in school. Drawing the Times wants to be a front runner in publishing non-fiction visual stories and convince its readers of the importance of visual literacy. We believe that graphic journalism has great potential. Visual language is universal. It can play an important role in connecting people who work in all kinds of disciplines worldwide, like artists, journalists, scientists, teachers, developers, decision makers and many more.

And more:

Drawing the Times is not only a publishing website, it is also a collective of graphic journalists and illustrators who work on commission. We are seeking collaborations with third parties like newspapers and magazines, governmental and non-governmental organizations, schools and universities, festivals and museums. Our artists make drawings that arouse empathy, so people get involved. On the other hand, drawings give a lot of information and explanation, which can be helpful in complex processes.

This project could be realized with the financial aid of the Creative Industries Fund NL and Stimuleringsfonds voor de Journalistiek.