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New Course Graphic Journalism starting in February


by Griet Menschaert

Online Course Graphic Journalism

In the last two months of 2020, Drawing the Times’ editor Eva Hilhorst taught an online course in Graphic Journalism. Every Tuesday (English) and Thursday (Dutch) evening a group of eager students from all over Europe and one from Tanzania, got together through their Zoom screens to engage in the art of Graphic Journalism. During the course they learned how to use the unique qualities of drawing as a medium to tell a journalistic story. The course was received so well that we are planning a new one.

Three participants finished their story already, you can read them here: Conny’s Halal Smørrebrød, by Jakob Fälling and in Dutch: De coronavaccins komen eraan, by Heleen Croonen and: Ik denk aan snoep, by Griet Menschaert. There are more to come in the following weeks.

“I found your course great and the group very important for the progress and the attachment to the work as well. I did learn a lot and got an energy boost from working with this.”

“About your exercises: I really, really like them! They are inspiring and I very much profited also from the discussions with the other participants.”

I learned to bring both my writing and my drawing skills into a new field, and my journalistic and artistic experimental expertise found a new accommodation.’

8 week course Graphic Journalism by Eva Hilhorst.
8 Thursday evenings, from February 25, from 7.30 until 9.30 PM (GMT+1). The course will be in English, unless all participants speak Dutch. Inscription fee: €325

This course teaches both (comics) artists and writers how to use drawing in journalistic work. Drawing has unique qualities that can be used in different forms, from very personal graphic memoirs to insightful infographics. The classes will be a combination of theory, inspiration from others, and exercises. In the course of eight weeks, the students will work on a story that will be published on Drawing the Times.

The course will take place online: due to corona regulations the course cannot take place live.

For more information or to inscribe, please contact Eva Hilhorst:



by Jakob Fälling

start tekening spuiten

by Heleen Croonen