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Graphic Journalism in Athens

Workshop graphic journalism September 27 until October 1st at iMedD in Athens

Drawing by Vagelis Kolotsios

Founder of the Athens Comics Library and Art and Educational Director of Comicdom Lida Tsene organized a workshop graphic journalism at the headquarters of iMedD, incubator for Media Education and Development together with Eva Hilhorst, founder of Drawing the Times. Because of corona all the participants had to wear facemasks and sit at a distance of two meters from each other, and there was even a participant online in Bangalore, India. But that didn’t stop the participants from creating drawn stories together.

Sharing work between Athens and Bangalore.

The week started with a presentation in which Lida showed that there has been a long relationship between comics and journalism. Only recently the two are combined as a way of journalistic storytelling. Inspired by this talk the participants started to draw and write themselves. Everyone can draw and communicate with drawings. In order to see how text and image interact they did some exercises with surprising results. Drawing together breaks the ice.

Drawing together.

Eva held a presentation about graphic journalism and Drawing the Times, she showed that graphic journalism can be made in different forms: comics, reportages, drawn interview, infographic… to name a few. The participants interviewed each other about the extremely hot days in Greece in July and August and what they did to cope with the heat. They had to draw their stories as accurate as possible and asked for a lot of visual details.

Paying attention to the visual details: What did it look like?

On the last day of the course they were making a story of their own choice. It was amazing to see how much ideas and creativity were worked out on the pages in a week’s time! You can see some of the results here: