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Stories from Overvecht


Nine artists met with residents in the neighbourhood Utrecht Overvecht for the project ‘Stories from Overvecht’ and visited them a couple of times. Elderly people who live there from the beginning, and new residents who came here as refugees. What are their stories? How do they live their lives? The artists listened, watched and used their imagination. They made drawings of the coffee ladies and Eritrean recipes; of diamond painting and pelgrimages, of the prison in Homs and the playground in Overvecht. They created stories that touch the heart.

The artist are: Femme ter Haar, Nina Mathijsen, Munir de Vries, Leyla Ali, Eva Hilhorst, B. Carrot, Albert Hennipman, Suzan Hijink and Jesse Strikwerda.

Stories from Overvecht Exhibition and Booklaunch

Exhibition and book launch.

The stories are collected in a book and will be shown in an exhibition at the ZIMIHC theater Stefanus in Overvecht. You can meet and greet with the artists and the protagonists of the stories on

March 13 from 17.00 at ‘Bij de Steef’ in the ZIMIHC theater Stefanus in Utrecht Overvecht. With music and food.

Presentation at het Huis van Betekenis.

On March 20 at 19.30 we welcome anyone at the Huis van Betekenis in Utrecht who is interested in drawing and graphic journalism. We will present and sell the book for a special rate, the stories will be on display and there will be a debate about the role that artists can play in society with Tonnie Jobse and the artists of the project. The stories will be published in English on Drawing the Times

Free entrance.


Nina Mathijsen