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Course Graphic Journalism – Journalist Meets Cartoonist – UPDATE

Course Graphic Journalism  – Update

8 week course Graphic Journalism by Eva Hilhorst.
8 Tuesday evenings form October 27, 7.30 until 10 PM. The course will be in English, in case of non Dutch-speaking participants. 

Inscription fee: €325.

1 place left!

This course teaches both (comics) artists and writers how to use drawing in journalistic work. Drawing has unique qualities that can be used in different forms, from very personal graphic memoirs to insightful infographics and motion comics. The classes will be a combination of theory, inspiration from others, and exercises. In the course of eight weeks, the students will work on a story that will be published on Drawing the Times.

For more information or to inscribe, please contact Eva Hilhorst:

The course will take place online: due to corona regulations the course cannot take place live. This is also an opportunity for international artists and writers to participate!

We are planning a new course in January for those who were not able to join this course. To be continued.




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