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Call for Entries – Decolonize Your Mind!

2020 is likely to be the hottest year ever recorded in history. Not only the planet itself is heating up quickly, so do its inhabitants. Climate change, corona and social injustices made people go out on the streets to protest. The killing of George Floyd in May this year, galvanized a global anti-Racism movement. In Europe people started to question their own colonial history and its impact. Many artists expressed their outrage, thoughts and supports on Social Media. Drawing is an excellent way to express activism, and Drawing the Times wants to collect and publish those works so they are for the whole world to see.

We would like to hear from you! Send us work that reflects on the theme Decolonize Your Mind! Although the tagline of theme sounds a bit commanding, we believe in the golden rule: Show don’t tell. Chris Lanier‘s story An Anatomy of Institutional Racism is a very good example of this principle: