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Workshop Graphic Journalism – Journalist Meets Comics Artist

Thursday June 13, from 10 – 17

Huis van Betekenis, Lauwerecht 10, Utrecht (Netherlands). Including drawing materials, coffee, tea and lunch.

Fee: €120.

20% discount for students and alumni, members of Huis van Betekenis.

Drawing the Times is online for three years now, regularly publishing stories made by graphic journalists and comic artists. Over time, we learned that it is not easy to find good content. Not every artist knows how to tell a story in a journalistic way. Journalists often don’t know how to draw, they might like to look at drawings, but don’t like to make them. People that are good at both are scarce, and we want to change that!

Drawing the Times’ editor in chief, Eva Hilhorst, is developing a course in graphic journalism that serves both comics artists and journalists. This hands on workshop on June 13 is an introduction to graphic journalism. It teaches the medium by doing. Journalists will get to know the intrinsic qualities of the image, and learn how to make basic visual notes. Comics artists will learn to make a story that meets the journalistic standards. This workshop is the larger course in a nutshell, so people can get the taste of it and find out if they long for more.

We are inviting both journalists and comics artists to sign up for this workshop and hope that interesting collaborations will arise!

Please send an email to For further information you can use to same email address.