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Drawing the Times Labs

Drawing the Times is not only active as a publishing website, we are also giving lectures, workshops and even bootcamps to promote the medium graphic journalism. We call this the Drawing the Times Labs, because a lot of new ways of graphic storytelling are explored here. Young people are experimenting with the medium to become the new generation of graphic journalists. They are digital natives that understand the importance of visual literacy.

We start with a project of Visual Journalism that students Illustration and Animation from Art Academy Sint Joost in their second year just finished. The students chose a theme to make a visual narrative about. They were asked to show their point of view. It was very interesting to see what young people today care about. A lot of stories had to do with environmental issues, but also with the way society works nowadays and social media were topics they investigated.

We will regularly post reports of our hands-on activities in our Drawing the Times Labs Special and in this Blog. Stay tuned!