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Bob Mollema – Syr x Amadeus Lyceum


Bob Mollema who published the story Bed, Bath and Dead on Drawing the Times, started a new project with an important role for refugees.

Amadeus Lyceum asked Bob to start up an engaged project for their students. He took initiative and contacted restaurant Syr, where the kitchen is run by Syrian refugees, to start a collaboration. Together with the students and the refugees they created a recipe book where the two cultures meet.

For a period of three months, he gave illustration classes two times a week. The work that was made appears in the recipe book. The other students, who did not choose to draw for this project, took care of the photography and writing part.

In this project Bob took the responsibility of art direction, some teaching, graphic design, some illustration and production.

The book is in Dutch, you can order it by sending an email to Bob:

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