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Brush & Bow – Exploring individual stories within wider social issues through art and music

Brush&Bow is a platform for creative journalism, using illustrations and sound-recordings to explore the individual voices and stories of people within current social issues. As a musician and artist duo, Harriet Paintin and Hannah Kirmes-Daly work closely together, using the arts to create spaces of communication, trust and celebration. In a world full of divisions, misconceptions and stereotypes Brush&Bow are interested in revealing the contrasting and subtle stories from beneath the surface; through this they work towards challenging negative stereotypes and fears. They are currently traveling through Georgia and Armenia collecting stories and songs. They have worked in the Calais ‘jungle’, Lesbos and Istanbul, focusing on documenting refugee stories from Pakistan, Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. Their future projects will include looking at the soundscape and experiences of the Roma gypsies in north east Romania, Voices from the Zataari Camp, and tribal displacement in central India.