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Graphic News: Graphic journalism designed for mobile devices.

Graphic News is the first digital native comics journalism portal.

Graphic News is a project from the Cooperativa Pequod, wich was founded by a group of young people coming from the world of comics, journalism and communication, sharing among them a vision, passion and energy.

The people of Graphic News think that comics journalism is today a reality capable of telling the complexities of the world we live in. They think that connecting journalism and comics offers a new lens to tell about reality. The first editorial staff team took up residence in Bologna. From here they start collecting voices from all over the world.

This is what you will find in Graphic News:

  • A constant experimentation putting at the centre the value of stories and an idea of journalism capable of going beyond the surface.
  • A laboratory, an editorial staff starting from Italy and looking to the world, building relations day by day, looking for different perspectives and points of view.
  • Reports, opinions, columns, news, all made starting from the language of comics.
  • In-depth information, withdrawing from the scoop and breaking news proposed by the traditional media, and offering new ways of understanding what happens around us.

The choice of the web is not accidental: on one side news today moves on the web, on the other side this space allows experimenting with new formats for comics, new formats of having news for the reader. Experimenting together with drawers new ways of creating stories, in order to give to the reader a unique and incisive reading experience, is the other core of the project.